New Role in 2021

New Role in 2021

I am excited to be starting a new role with the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, where I’ll hold the position of Senior Research Analyst. I started at the beginning of January and look forward to this role where I’ll be able to combine my experience in local government and social science to contribute to solving critical problems.

I am looking forward to enhancing my expertise in energy issues broadly and energy efficiency in particular. The scale of the climate crisis is such that all tools are needed to mitigate the damage (and swiftly). Energy efficiency is an important piece of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ACCEE’s teams work on federal policy, state policy, and behavior change. My new team focuses on local level policy on energy efficiency as a key component of addressing the climate crisis while prioritizing equity.

I will be working on the annual City Scorecard that measures energy efficiency policies in cities. I’ll also be working on technical assistance to a range of cities as well as a research project on community choice aggregation, which allows cities to collectively acquire alternative energy contracts for their residents.

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